“Cultivating an environment of support and encouragement.”

Welcome to Mission Bay, Inc.

About Us


It is our organization’s philosophy

to provide services to people with

developmental disabilities focusing on

person-centered planning through active

treatment and maximizing potential within

a safe and supportive environment. Our

facilities will provide a highly structured

program for individuals with behavior and

developmental needs. Programming will

offer a combination of community and

center-based training. A key philosophical

belief is that all participants can and should

be a part of their life decision-making.


Our goals are geared toward personal and professional growth, self-reliance and empowerment of the participants we serve.  As a result of attending Mission Bay Works, our participants can expect the following:

• An individual training plan addressing behavior, activities of daily living, advocacy and vocational deficits

• Enhanced behavior, activities of living, advocacy and vocational skills

• General satisfaction with day-time activities and training.

• A smooth and timely transition from a developmental center or other large institution.


We have three sites. Participants in our program use these sites as a home base and as a transition point at the beginning and ending of each workday. Having a “home site” allows our participants the option of controlling the amount and timing of their community activities during the day. A familiar, comfortable physical site can be reassuring to participants and an effective support for persons who are easily over-whelmed which might result in reacting with “undesired” behavior.

One site is in a large office building located at 50 Las Colinas Lane in San Jose. It is very accessible to local resources. The building’s appearance is similar to where many people work. The facility is approximately 18,500 square feet with ample room for practicing pre-vocational activities, i.e. sorting, stacking, collating as well as leisure and domestic activities. There are 18 rest rooms, a shower/changing room, 6 offices, and 2 large conference rooms. In addition, there is an exercise room, laundry area, 2 full kitchens and a theater. Mission Bay Works is wheelchair accessible and is licensed as a non-ambulatory




Participants will develop skills for gainful

employment with focus on the participant’s abilities. The goal is to assist clients to be contributing members of society. All vocations will be modified to fit each individual’s skills.


Participants will benefit from the development of friendships and good relationships with coworkers and employers. They will develop hobbies and participate in reciprocal play. Participants will go out to restaurants, movies, museums, parks/malls, community colleges, etc. They will use media entertainment and electronic games, have parties and other social functions. Participate in Mission Bay Special Olympics and Cook-off. 


Participants will have entertainment options in the community (library, museums), participate in sports and physical activities (gym, basketball, bowling). Use community recreational resources (parks, malls, etc.). Participants will also use business services (bank, stores, restaurants). Respond appropriately to simple questions from neighbors or people in the community. Display community survival skills and appropriate community behavior.


Our goal is to help participants develop alternatives to self-injury, develop alternative behaviors and knowledge. Learn appropriate ways to express self, get attention or material items. Increase selfcontrol. Learn importance and be responsible for rehabilitation or counseling appointments. Develop methods to relax and manage anger.


Laundry Area

Participants will learn how to wash and dry clothes by using the washer and dryer.

Multi-Purpose Room and Kitchen

Participants will enjoy activities such as arts & crafts, foosball, in-door basketball, movies, board games, inter-active computer and electronic games, dancing, playing the keyboard, karaoke singalong and bingo social.

In the kitchen participants will assist with menu planning, grocery shopping, meal  reparation,

cooking and using the dishwasher.

Training and Pre-vocational

Participants will learn to perform tasks, improve their skills and quality of work, work in cooperation with peers & develop greater independence.

Computer Room and Library

The computer room provides participants with motivating and interesting interactive

activities to explore, i.e. transform spoken words and sounds into imaginative graphics, look-up information on-line, and send and receive e-mail.

In the library participants will enjoy our wide array of books. They will have the opportunity to choose books, video tapes & DVDs, magazines and audio tapes.

Exercise Room

The exercise room will help to promote and encourage health and quality of life through various exercise and fitness equipment, resistance exercises, stretching, mobility training, etc.

Sensory Stimulation Room

Participants will enjoy gentle stimulation of primary senses through this wonderful environment filled with sights & sounds.



San Jose, CA 95119


980 Rincon Circle

San Jose CA 95131


1962 Zanker 

San Jose CA 95112


Hours of Operation: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Monday through Friday

(except for designated holidays)